For more than half a century, Christian Oswald has concerned himself with hunting, the venison market and the trade in antlers of all the deer species worldwide. However, his special interest was the wealth of various red deer around the world.

It was a special concern of him to critically observe how we behave towards this majestic wildlife. Many events have made it clear that mankind has severely endangered deer survival by destroying its habitats, through poaching, trophy greed, captive breeding and genetic engineering.

This is no scientific work, but a personal view of the phylogeny and distribution, as well as the characterising features, of the so diverse species of deer.

The private collection of Christian Oswald (an antler and skull collection) illustrating all the different species of deer of this earth was delivered to the Milu Park Beljing in 2011. The collection has been open to visitors there since 2015.

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ISBN 978-3-00-028358-1